Shout Out ! U2 Crew !

Rehearsals over and now it's time to get to work. Sure daily sound checks will happen, however for the most part rehearsals are over.

The crew all packed up and ready to go. The trucks are all ready for tonight's load out. Band rested and ready to go.   

Vancouver has been a great host.  Bono has said in previous interviews "We always had a thing for Canada in general, but Vancouver has been very, very welcoming to us at a time when we're very fragile," "Because you get quite vulnerable when you are preparing to launch a tour. And I know that sounds odd, but there is a level of nausea and, sort of, you feel ill in the pit in your stomach. It's an anxious time. Here in this city, we feel very free. And I like to get out of the city, and I go wandering, cycling, I get lost around here, and I like getting lost in B.C."

Everyone is anxious during this time. The crew has to get the timing for load in's and load out's and be able to map out a plan for the local that will change every night on tour.  This touring crew has been together for many years; sure some new crew members will join the team. However, most of them have been on this crew for some time.

It's a family no it's not at all like that HBO show its much more work, long hours, short nights and long days.  As a crew member, you know that everything your doing brings the best possible experience.  The crew stands at the edge of the stage and looks over and smiles "Yea I made it happen, and I'll do it all over again tomorrow."

Crew a big shout out to you! You bring all the parts together so that the band creates an experience of a lifetime.  You are a crew member of the world's largest rock band, that's not a bad gig at all.



The End Of A Great Experience ! U2's Return to Paris

U2 / Bono/ Adam /  Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

U2 / Bono/ Adam /  Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

Paris:  It's a rock show !  Its a rock show !  Monday night U2 returned for a second show to a sold out crowd and an expected HBO audience to snub the noses of terrorists that would have us fear for our way of life. Its the final show of a very long tour that for sure will have some interesting watermarks.

From the start this tour had several different issues come up. Last nights show was clearly an emotional evening for many. Bono said “Now there’s nothing left except to introduce you to some people whose lives will forever be a part of the city of Paris,”  The show came to an end with “One.” “These are our brothers, our fellow troubadours. They were robbed of their stage three weeks ago, and we would like to offer them ours tonight.”

Then he welcomed the Eagles of Death Metal onstage to lead a rousing rendition of “People Have the Power” by Patti Smith, who had joined U2 for the same song on Sunday  

People that's what a U2 show is about. Its about people connecting to people. This show was packed with a few extra guest. Those in attendance had been the lucky few invited on stage during the tour. Its was a special evening for so many. 

For many fans they noticed that U2's tightly calibrated show was a bit loose a bit free form and yet seemed in control. The band was fully engaged in a ROCK "N" ROLL show and would allow the spirit to be taken away.

The Edge / Bono / Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

The Edge / Bono / Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

From the business side. December dates seemed to fit right into the sweet spot for everyone. Dublin was to be the end with the band, crew and equipment to be scattered. Art Fogel with his hands full worked to figure how to make it possible. As Art said “Obviously we figured it out, and everybody was able to stay together to complete the shows. It was something the band really felt was important to do, as we all did, and it ended up working out well for the wrap of the tour for this year.”  Refund amounts was at a minimal with the tickets resold just as quickly.  Security was beefed up however Paris was just back to normal with a little bit more aware.

U2’s 2015 Innocence + Experience tour wraps as a critical and commercial success, though not one without its obstacles, including the death tour manager Dennis Sheehan early on in the tour. Through Nov. 3, the tour reported grosses totaling $133.6 million and attendance of 1,125,624 from 64 shows, according to Boxscore. “[Innocence + Experience] was a run that had some incredible challenges,” says Fogel, “but, in the end, it was a complete triumph, critically and every other way. They are truly a great band and have proven that once again.”

Forum Show Will Not Be Impacted

Following news that U2's longtime tour manager, Dennis Sheehan, was found dead Wednesday morning (May 27), sources confirmed to Billboard that his tragic death will not have an impact on the band's current Innocence + Experience tour.

Most immediately, Wednesday night's show at The Forum in Los Angeles will proceed without postponement or delay -- but not without a nod to Sheehan's impact on the band. U2 is planning a tribute to Sheehan at the show, according to a source: "Dennis was the heart and soul of the organization." 

Tour personnel changes are currently being sorted out in the midst of Sheehan's unexpected death.

Dennis Sheehan Passes Away

TMZ reported that Dennis Sheehan has passed away in his hotel room in LA. Some reports have been floating around by other U2 blog sites that the bands past manager Paul McGuinness was the one that was found die. No Paul has not travel LA and as far as we know he is enjoying retirement just fine.

Dennis Sheehan was found unconscious in his room at the Sunset Marquis Hotel. We're told paramedics were called to Sheehan's hotel room around 5:30 AM for a reported cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Just six hours earlier, U2 had finished their sell-out concert at the Forum venue in Los Angeles.

Sheehan, who says on his Twitter profile he “loves travel, food, music, company and chatting,” began working with U2 in 1982 when they were about to release their War album. 33 years later and he, Bono, and the rest of the band have become close friends, as well as colleagues.

U2 has updated their official statement

- "We've lost a family member, we're still taking it in. He wasn't just a legend in the music business, he was a legend in our band. He is irreplaceable." Bono

- "With profound sadness we confirm that Dennis Sheehan, U2's longstanding tour manager and dear friend to us all, has passed away overnight. Our heartfelt sympathy is with his wonderful family." Arthur Fogel