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New York City:  You may have noticed that we have refreshed our site. Don't worry all of the old content can still be found.

We centered our focus on the tour news that we are about to launch in a few days. 

One big change will be our tour image wall which can be found on our site as well as on Instagram. You can expect to see concert footage of the day also as well as updated setlists, video footage of the day and of course tour news.

Hey in tour news today.  Opening Night inVancouver, the band will be featuring the work of Canadian parliamentary poet laureate George Elliott Clarke.

Clarke was contacted by the Third Company, which is producing visuals for U2’s Joshua Tree 30th-anniversary tour, with a request to feature his poems “Ain’t You Scared of the Sacred?: A Spiritual” and “Elegy for Leonard Cohen” during the band’s Vancouver date. The poems will be projected on stage screens prior to the show.