U2 Singapore, U2 Holidays and 2017

New York City:  In a strange way, sort of me too statement U2 also will be on their way to Singapore next year (2017) for a possible stadium tour. Coldplay announced their 2017 tour dates with a stop over in Singapore National Stadium. 

Some noise around the boys from Dublin suggests that the long-awaited "Songs Of Experience" may be released in 2017 with a massive global stadium tour.  The Singapore stop would the first time that U2 has performed in Singapore.  Don't start packing as of yet. The boys have not confirmed anything, and sources inside the band have not commented.

We know everyone has been waiting for the next release even talks of a release before Grammy voting season dashed by not releasing anything before October the boys have effectively knocked themselves right off the list of contenders for 2016 which could have been a solid showing for the boys. 

Now it surely looks to be a 2017 release. Which as we stated before this is a big album for U2. The release needs a solid entry on the Billboard charts, not just one hit, a couple of solid placements within the top 10 Rock charts to remain relevant and bring along those new fans from the previous album. 

Now long-time U2 fans will say that they would rather have a solid album and not care too much about the business side. However, this is a business, and the band has been acutely aware that the machine needs to be treated and fed with a successful release.  We hear from U2 fans often that say the business side does not concern them, which our view frankly states that the music has a hard time getting exposure without a solid business plan. In other news, the holidays just around the corner and we have been busy with restructuring the operations side of our community. 

Totally not ready for any major announcements however we can say we plan to scale up in some parts of our social communities and scale down within some.  The bottom line is that we are looking to streamline our communities to reduce our costs and provide a better experience.  Hiring will start in 2017 early for some key members which we will announce shortly.

Holidays !

Yea this is the time of the year we all gather around our friends and family to enjoy some holiday cheer.  We have been working with Mark Peterson to produce a couple of exclusive items for this holiday.

Watch for a release in a few days for Holiday Cards that you can personalize, Calendars and two brand new U2 Photo books and as a bonus a digital access key to the picture vault to download some very exclusive items.  Yea we thought this was a pretty cool way to finish out the year. All proceeds go directly to Mark's touring budget which if you have been following we had Mark around a few cities during the last tour.  Cheers and Be well U2 fans 2017 is right around the corner.

Via Barcelona ! U2 Rocks October

Luka Biba / U2TOURFANS 2015

Luka Biba / U2TOURFANS 2015

Spain: U2 arrives into Barcelona like a freight train rolling in with a massive thunder to waken the masses.  The first of four shows set the tone for the next few days.  The boys did run a couple of numbers thru song check however the set remains tight.

Consider the amount of technical work that has to go into adding or removing a song from the list. Yes at this point is all pre loaded into the systems however the set list does require couple of changes now and again. "One"  closes out the evening and "Sweetest Thing" was placed in rotation after sitting out a couple of shows.

Bona nit Barcelona!’, shouted U2’ leader, ‘Bono’, to the nearly 17,900 people who filled Palau Sant Jordi. All the shows have been sold out for months.  Rocktober is in full swing for the boys.


  1. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
  2. The Electric Co. / Send In The Clowns (snippet)
  3. Vertigo
  4. I Will Follow
  5. Iris (Hold Me Close)
  6. Cedarwood Road
  7. Song For Someone
  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday / When Johnny Comes Marching Home (snippet)
  9. Raised By Wolves / Psalm 23 (snippet)
  10. Until The End Of The World / Love And Peace Or Else (snippet) / Words (snippet)
  11. (Intermission - The Fly)
  12. Invisible
  13. Even Better Than The Real Thing
  14. Mysterious Ways / Burning Down The House (snippet)
  15. Elevation
  16. Sweetest Thing
  17. Every Breaking Wave
  18. October
  19. Bullet The Blue Sky / Ode To Joy (snippet) / 19 (snippet)
  20. Zooropa
  21. Where The Streets Have No Name / California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
  22. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
  23. With Or Without You


  1. City Of Blinding Lights
  2. Beautiful Day
  3. Mother And Child Reunion (snippet) / One / Invisible (snippet)

* Snips Provided by U2GIGS

U2 360° Coming to Canal+ !

UK-based distributor Precious Media has completed a raft of international deals for U2 360° - At the Rose Bowl, selling the music programme into more than 30 territories.

The high definition show is a made-for-TV edit of the DVD of the same name featuring live concert footage and interviews with the band, and is available in 44-, 48- and 58-minute versions.

It has been picked up by Canal + (France and Spain); ProSiebenSat.1 and Servus TV (Germany); RSI (Switzerland); Fox (Portugal); Antena 1 (Greece); Max and Channel V (Australia); Wowow (Japan); RSI (Switzerland); NRK 1 (Norway); YLE (Finland); HBO Adria (Croatia); Servus TV (Austria); HBO Bulgaria (Bulgaria); HBO Romania (Romania); NTV (Turkey); Channel V China (China); Star World SE Asia (Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Hong Kong); Star World (India); Global TV (Indonesia); Channel 5 (Singapore); TVBS (Taiwan); Channel V Thailand (Thailand); YAN and HN TV (Vietnam); Globosat (Brazil); CTV (Canada); and Red Media Moscow (Russia).

UK satcaster Sky1 also picked up rights to the show, which it aired last month. The concert was recorded at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena as part of the U2 360° Tour and was originally broadcast on YouTube, where it attracted an audience of more than 10 million.

The programme is a Whizz Kid Entertainment production for Principle Management and Mercury Records, part of Universal Music Group. It was directed by Tom Krueger, produced by Katherine Allen and Ned O’Hanlon, and exec produced by Malcolm Gerrie for Whizz Kid Entertainment and U2 manager Paul McGuinness.

Show Update Major Video Views and Photos

We are still looking for those of you that will be attending the shows. The first show would be great. We will provide you a link just for you to txt your updates and photos direct to us from the show. All credits to you. The best photos and videos will be posted daily as the tour begins. Here are a couple of shots from the setup. Enjoy- Remember to comment directly to us - You will be provide the upload info.