U2TOURFANS Fundraiser

Its that time of year again. We have started our annual fundraising drive to support the U2TOURFANS experience. Which includes our youtube channel, facebook page, twitter channel and of course our web community. Fans from around the world support the site with donations to fund the project.

We are a totally free site and yes non profit We are supported by donations from people like you. 

This year we have picked a couple of our favorite U2 items and created a U2 gift package for your donation. We have many levels of donations available. All you have to do is pick a level that works for you and your gift will be shipped directly to you worldwide. 

So why do we need donations ? Well frankly the site is not free and hosting costs money.  Also we build up funds for our tour team. We send our reporting team out on the road during tour season. We also fund projects that support our community. In the coming year we will be supporting some junior writers and working on a new platform for our mobile fans.

All of this is possible because of your donation.  Please consider any amount. We do our fundraising once a year.  Your donations support the project for a full year.  Thank you for your consideration.  All the best to you this holiday season.


Annual Donation Drive