Mirror Ball Man On Stage At Madison Square Garden

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS /  Mark Baker

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS /  Mark Baker

New York: Mark Baker known to many as the Mirror Ball Man or as U2BROTHR has been to at least 35 concerts and we should get an update to include the few he has attended this year.

One show Bono said "Catch me" and as Bono jumped into Mark's arms you just knew Mark's would catch him. Mark is a big guy, standing about 5.10 and coming in at 240 pounds this was not going to be an issue for him. 

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS / Mark Baker

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS / Mark Baker

So who is Mark Baker ?  Well from what we know. Mark is a father, husband , school teacher and yes a musician that happens to have a cover band dedicated to U2 music. It was back during the Zoo TV tour that Mark created Mirror Ball Man and while he really was the only black man in the front row at most U2 shows this alter ego proved to be just the thing that Bono could spot easily in the audience.

Toronto filmmaker Michael Corbiere chronicled Baker’s quest to join the band on stage during U2’s 360° Tour in the 2013 online documentary U2 BROTHR. (The film’s name, incidentally, is based on Baker’s personalized licence plate, which he also wears around his neck at concerts.)

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS / Mark Baker

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS / Mark Baker

To say Mark Baker is a huge U2 fan is an understatement. Mark had an idea. His dream was to be pulled up on stage by U2 during a show. He needed an idea. A long time ago, Bono used to hit the stage under the moniker of the Mirror Ball Man.

The Mirror Ball Man was a character Bono played on the 1992 Zoo TV tour dates in Europe and North America. He was dressed in a silver suit and cowboy hat. So with the help of Betabrand’s Disco lab, Mark decided he would be the Mirror Ball Man 2.0.

Mark is a huge fan of U2, even building a ‘shrine’ to the band in his basement. After winning a car in a contest held at the radio station, Mark’s girlfriend bought him a personalized license plate that reads U2BROTHR. Easily one of the biggest U2 fans around, Mark received plenty of friendly teasing from others, but Mark’s passion for the band, and his dream of being pulled up on stage during a U2 concert, was the building block for Michael Corbiere’s documentary, U2 Brothr.

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS/ Mark Baker

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS/ Mark Baker

 During one of the tour stops something amazing was about to happen to Mark and his fellow musicians  Acrobat, a U2 tribute band that’s been performing for two years was about to be pulled up on stage to perform with Bono and the boys.

They knocked it right out of the venue with Desire to the point the band got off the stage to watch Mark and his band perform.  A special evening that included Mark's parents in the audience.

Now Mark arrived to the final show in New York and had no idea that he would be again have his chance to be on stage. Bono reach out for him and Mark jumped up and joined the band on stage. Our photographer Mark Peterson captured the whole experience.  The end of the North America tour and Mark can say to all Dreams do come true.  

Paul Simon Joins U2 On Stage

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS 2015

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS 2015

New York: When we awoke we thought it was all just a dream. The U2 North America tour has reached the end of the road.

The last stop New York City. The band has taken up residency at Madison Square Garden as well as our photographer has also lived out of his road case and it all seems unbelievable.

This leg of the tour has been unofficially named "The Dreams Come True Tour"  and rightly so.

You have Mark "U2Brothr" Baker who joined the band on stage not once but twice and his band performed with the boys from Dublin. Fans from all walks of life got a chance of life time to step on stage and dance and sing.

We knew this tour would be special. Topping the week off, a fan website had a couple of surprise guests.  The Edge and Adam crashed the party and performed with the band. Believing in dreams may not be for everyone, however for U2 fans dreams do come true. 

Thursday night wraps up the 7th night. The show did have a few surprises and our guest is that this Friday night show will have some big surprises. Mark Baker hinted that last night we would see some BIG BIG surprises and our guest was that he was referring to Bono asking him on stage.

A warm shout out to Engine 44 and some Jameson shared as Bono thanked them for helping him. This was not the first time he had thanked the boys from house 44. Ordinary Love leading into Satellite of Love made an appearance to honor Lou Reed. During the encore Paul Simon joined the band on stage. The evening ended with the crowd singing "One"

Venue: New York Madison Square Garden July 30 2015 

  1. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
  2. The Electric Co. / Send In The Clowns (snippet) / Helter Skelter (snippet) / I Can See For Miles (snippet)
  3. Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (snippet) / Vertigo
  4. I Will Follow
  5. Iris (Hold Me Close)
  6. Cedarwood Road
  7. Song For Someone
  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  9. Raised By Wolves / Psalm 23 (snippet)
  10. Until The End Of The World / Love And Peace Or Else (snippet)


  1. Invisible
  2. Even Better Than The Real Thing
  3. Mysterious Ways / Girls On Film (snippet) / Young Americans (snippet)
  4. Elevation
  5. Ordinary Love
  6. Satellite Of Love
  7. Every Breaking Wave
  8. Bullet The Blue Sky
  9. The Hands That Built America (snippet) / Pride (In The Name Of Love)
  10. Beautiful Day / I Remember You (snippet)
  11. With Or Without You / Satellite Of Love (snippet)


  1. City Of Blinding Lights
  2. Mother And Child Reunion
  3. Where The Streets Have No Name / California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
  4. One / All You Need Is Love (snippet)

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