Nick Walker Capsures U2's Passion

One Frame At A Time

We have thousands of requests that come into us weekly about wanting access to shoot a U2 concert. Some of them start out like this, “ We are such big fans of U2” Others start out like this “Can we please meet the band” or something like this, "I take pictures all the time and I am really good at it"  Sometimes you get a one diamond in the ruff and we are lucky to have Nick Walker on our team. His images will ignite the passion of evening and take you back to that U2 experience.  

Concert photography is nothing like you would think. Its not glamorous, no catering is provided and the chance of actually meeting the band stands somewhere between “no” and “HELL NO” and do something stupid like walk away from your handler and find yourself outside the venue with your camera in your hand.

Shooting for a major tour is not as easy is walking in with your pocket camera and shooting what ever you want.  Most bands like U2 limit the shot. First three songs, or maybe first and last three. 

Sometimes its one and done. U2 has always allowed fans to bring their cameras into the show. Our photographers arrive early and stay late to get that memory captured. Capture that feeling and do it quickly before you lose your shot that's what most editors say. Images are complex and full of passion this requires more understanding of what the band will do and will not do. Example if you know that "The Edge" never walks during the first song you can move your focus over to Adam and vice verse.

To be a U2TOURFANS concert photographer you have to understand that your job no matter what you personally want to do. GET THE SHOT! That is all that is asked of you. The process is to become part of the team starts with our team looking at your past work. If you say your fan, we automatically push your application to our special file.  

We have some great photographers on the team like Nick Walker “An enigmatic aura to my otherwise existential ethos of normalcy. It was not discovered until my twenties; I wanted to photograph the beauty of the world, the harshness of its reality, the people and the places affected by its events, and I wanted write about it all. My lone want is infinite desire.”  Nick has been part of the team since The 360 Tour. He images have been viewed/downloaded over 10M times.  Nick provided some great shots from the Denver 1 and II show that surely will amaze you.

How do you become a photographer for U2TOURFANS? Do not ask us, show us your work and we may consider having you join our team.

Vote for U2's Number 1 Twitter Fan

Who is your #1 U2 Fan

I'm U2's biggest fan !  That's a sentence that most often follows with but I am upset with them about this or that. U2 fan's over the years have grown into a movement.

A carefully monitored group of fans that all have claim to the biggest fans. Converge on to social media during every concert. Sharing their views on the set list, what the band is wearing and just about anything that is related to their band. We wondered who would you think is the biggest U2 fan in the world?  Denver Is

We put the question to you. Who do you think is the biggest U2 fan in the world. Here is a list of U2 fans that almost every show happen to be on social media sharing and creating a string of conversations.

Pick the one you think has created the most buzz and would be the most interesting U2 fan to meet.  

We have been very busy over the break with cleaning up our mail box which is full of your images. Help us share the those images. Please no personal images of yourself while we all may think you look wonderful we do not want to be posting pictures of you and your ( fill in the blank). Now we do want to have all of your videos and images that you would like to sent that would be related to the show, the band and the tour. So be sure to credit yourself and send them into

Today is a travel day. In the business is also known as a break. Tomorrow load in starts for a few days of shows in Denver and the tour is moving across the country and thru Canada. The band is on point. The bands manager said all we can do is move forward. We pledge to keep supporting the positive vibes and focus on the music, show and you the fan. 

Closer than you think U2's new release ?

This is unconfirmed yet its so possible that we thought we better share the news. Within a forum on a user named "u2lemonman" posted the following with images.

Well looking I what I have just received from a friend from London who is well connected, it looks like a release is closer than we think.

I am having trouble uploading the images so I have mailed them to the staff to help me share them with you

What we do know is that this subway photograph was taken in New York City and that the subway stop was close to ELS. We always thought the new project should be called Lucky 13. In the upper right hand corner a reference "u2luckneu01" which we do not have any idea.  Now scroll down to look at the liner notes.  This is the way promotional copies are released to statiions. HOWEVER.  Band never send the full release out on the first go around. Normally its months later.  

Note the release date June 13th 2014, its this is the case its time to start the promotional tracks and interviews and U2 all the time.  So boys is this the real deal ?


Limited Edition 360 Concert Images

We have selected the best photos from our staff photographer, David Long. He has been shooting concert photos for over 10 years and has created some lasting images. This years tour is no exception.

The limited edition images can only be purchased at U2TOURFANS. Working with Dave we have designed two different collages that we feel capture the boys at their best. If you look closely at the image of Bono it seems like he is singing to the heavens and God has shined his light upon him. 

You can purchase any of the images shown within the collage as a single photo.

Your purchase goes towards the support of your site. We arre totally supported by donations and sponsorships. We thank Dave for all his support over the past year and look forward to having him out on the road for the 2010 tour season. 

Dave Long/U2TOURFANS 2009 (A)

Dave Long/.U2TOURFANS 2009(B)

U2 360 Tour Photos