Edge Talks Security, New Album, New Tour

New York:  The Edge in conversation with Billboard talked about show security, the new album and yes, of course, a new tour. In light of all the issues around the world, U2 has a connection with their audience ( fans) that allows them to get up close and personal. The future may have some changes, however, it's not one that the band would really want to take into consideration.

However U2 has a strong security team in place today and while we have fans may not like what the future holds security has to be top of mind for not only the artists it has to be center view for fans as well.  Further conversation with Billboard The Edge stated that the band has been putting the finishing touches on the new album which should be available by the end of the year. Yes a new tour is in the works and of course, it's too early to suggest dates or cities, just know it's on target and it will be shared soon.