U2 Concert Ready with New Sound System, Improved Health For Bono



May 14th can't get here any faster for some U2 fans. Bono has been on recovery since last falls bike accident. The boys have been in Vancouver working on the new tour.

Its different for sure, with no opening band, we have to wonder what will be the walk in music however lets talk more about what we have learned over the last few days.  The New York Times has had access to the boys over the past week to give us some insight to what we can expect.

The concert will be two sets with an intermission with the first half pretty much as fixed set and the second set to be a bit more flexible with arbitrary selections.

U2 has always been on the cut edge side when it comes to technology not only from a sound prospective, stage and lights too. The band has been working on a new audio system that will suspend the speaker arrays from the ceilings pointing down, this will provide a complete immersive experience across the area floor.

The sound will be intense for everyone with no gaps within the house. Its considered to be uniformly transparent with the volume to be constant.

Now the stage will feature three risers, one "I" shaped one for "innocence" a round one shaped like  lower case "e" for "experience and walkway called the divider stage to signify the "passage from innocence to experience. Designed by Es Devlin. 

Remember the band promised another album while don't worry about the tour interference they the finest mobile recording studio heading out with them.

Bono has been writing songs with a few titles almost ready "Red Flag Day", "Civilization" and "Instrument Flying"  We should expect the next album to be within the moment, which could mean more POP music. 

So how is Bono you ask?  Well within the TIMES report Bono stated that the recovery is going well however  "It feels like I have somebody else's hand," the singer said. He likened the feeling to rigor mortis. "They say that nerves heal about a millimeter a week, so in about 13 months I should know if it's coming back." We should not expect Bono to be playing guitar.

So we are about 14 days out from the start and it sure looks to be another amazing tour. Be sure to download your mobile app today to be apart of the experience.


U2 Runner from Horesens

U2 360 Tour Plane 2010 Bono and the band has flown on. U2 came, saw and conquered in Denmark. But shortly after the Irish band left the stage in Horsens Monday evening, was Bono and the band out of the country.

The last  encore ‘Moment of Surrender’ had barely died away before U2 had left not only but also Horsens Denmark.  ( Industry term “Runner” - This happens in small venues that bands perform and everything is packed up and ready as the band leaves the stage their are moved quickly to a running car and off they go.)

Just one hour and 20 minutes after U2 went on stage at Casa Arena Horsens, the band had taken their seats in their aircraft when they stood and waited for them at Billund Airport.

- They took off at 00:50, said director of Billund Airport. Kjeld Jorgensen Zacho to Ekstra Bladet.

The plane - an MD-83 machine - has been at the airport since the band and crew landed Sunday afternoon at 16:25.

U2 has tried to keep their presence in the Jutland secret. On their flight from the French VIP charter airline Blue Line.

The aircraft is initially accommodate 167 passengers, but U2’s VIP edition is only 60 Business Class seats for extra legroom good for Bono, The Edge and the other boys. 

Sunday afternoon. 16:25 landed an MD-83 (DC-9-83) aircraft from the French VIP charter airline Blue Line from Billund Airport. The plane with registration number F-GMLK have a special livery on the tail.

On board the aircraft cabin looks a little different than the corresponding MD83 aircraft, which include SAS had at one time in the Navy. In an all-economy version can accommodate 167 passengers. But U2’s VIP edition is only 60 Business Class seats and good legroom, which has a seat pitch of 58 inches across.

The plane dates back from July 1988 and has 22 years in the logbook. It was originally delivered to Spanair, but in 1997 leased to Tunisian Nouvelair. From 2005 the aircraft was taking ownership of the Blue Line.

However, there is little doubt as to whether the Irish rock band was actually on board the French VIP aircraft.

About 20 minutes after the MD-83’erens arrival landed a Cessna Citation 560 Jet from the British NextJet specializing in rentals of smaller jets for VIP purposes. So maybe the band came in Citation-jet, while the crew enjoyed Business Class seats.

Between the two concerts the band stayed at the Hotel KongebroGaarden in Middlesbrough - a five-star hotel located in a forest by a small marina a few meters from water’s edge at Little overlooking both the new and old Lillebælstbro.

U2 play their next concert on Friday in Finland.