U2 Experimenting

U2 / U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson @2016

U2 / U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson @2016

New York: Back at the studio the boys have been working something fresh, experimental and some may say it feels like Zooropa. Songs of Experience, their fourteenth studio album. 

Bono and the boys are just having fun creating music that will embrace their roots and pull along those new fans and bring them into the fold. U2 has had their challenges during the last tour.

One would think that may come into play with the new music. So the question most of you want to know. When will U2 hit the road again ? Well sources suggest that we should see the boys around the world in 2017 !  Yup that's the noise in the system right now. We tend not to support or agree with the noise however knowing that the marketing machines and the venue routing information would normally kick into gear right about now for a summer tour. 2016 looks likely not be in scope. 


Be vigilant, but be unafraid ! As U2 heads back to Paris

New York City:  Bono was honored during the10-year anniversary of his humanitarian organizations, ONE and (RED), Bono, U2’s frontman, was characteristically hopeful about returning to Paris, stressing joy and defiance in the face of terror.

"Nothing will stop us from going back. Be vigilant, but be unafraid." U2 does not have a history of canceling shows and as Bono said "Its the Irish in us we just don't want to give into terrorism.

The head of Live Nation Arthur Fogel's face said it clearly to us that this was not going to happen. Now we needed to turn our focus to how can we help our fellow musicians "The Eagles of Death Metal"  As we focused on our departure from Paris we offered our plane and in the end we found what was needed most was some mobile devices to reconnect. Since the band lost their phones at the venue.

When asked about the new scheduled shows in Paris, Bono said that the show will go on as normal. Defining normal as the show was intended to be. Its business as usual as act of defiance.

Paris will be the end of this tour. The band had planned to end their tour at home in Dublin however its fitting that the boys head back to Paris with all the hope in the world for peace.