Apirl 2014 U2 Arrives



Maybe. Wide reports suggest that we might see a new project from U2 around April 2014.  A collection of songs partly from the perspective of an innocent and partly from a seasoned veteran.

To bring it all together the band brought in electronic dance music producer Danger Mouse to help them craft it.

Most hard core U2 fans are puzzled by the relationship between Danger Mouse and U2 while others think the possibility of some amazing new sounds.

Bono said in an interview " I think we are still trying to figure it out ourselves." 

December arrives with the boys all in New York moving about studio rooms with engineers trying different mixes as Bono sings along and in the other room Larry, The Edge and others are playing around with different rhythms. Creativity happening real time. The band seems ready for the new challenge.

Released earlier in the month "Ordinary Love" was a throwback, mid tempo song that could have found a home on an earlier U2 album, early 80's. It walks the line as U2 has done before so many times. Between personal and political.  Themes of God, Faith and Hope all seem to to be coming thru loud and clear within the song.

So what are the rumors ? Well some would suggest that you can hear traces of The Clash, Kraftwork and Sex Pistols bring the band back to their youthful years.  Its time to embrace new directions.

The question of will fans follow along or will they scream for yesterday. True fans move forward. Expect to hear more great things from U2 ahead as the marketing machine starts to kick into high gear. Its the band is going forward in a new direction and now the proof will be in the music. The boys will continue fine tune, work those late hours in the studio to bring about something new and amazing.

Celebration Time ! Lucky 13 Completed !

U2  , 360 Tour  

U2 , 360 Tour  

The boys have been recently mastering their next project at the Electric Lady Studios in Manhattan. 

The new ( yet to be named ) album, the 13th album in U2's discography. Danger Mouse has been enlisted to produce this product. 

In addition to Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr., Coldplay’s Chris Martin was spotted on the scene, potentially as a featuring artist on the new album. Immediately following the wrap-up of the album, the band hosted a celebratory bash atop the studio.

Some famous faces turned up to wish the band success on the new album including Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and supermodel Helena Christensen.

At this rooftop celebration, the band also recorded an acoustic version video of ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ featuring Clayton on piano for “global participatory art project” Inside Out.

Though no official release date has been stated.

Clayton,Hewson and Danger Mouse

Adam and Ali have given us some insight to the future of U2 and its “sounding great” Adam stated in Spinner that the boys are in fact working with Danger Mouse. "It's a great team and feels very liberating at the moment -- anything goes. We have an abundance of riches, we could make three or four different records and justify that to ourselves, but to make the best record you can, you have to steer away from the ones you can make easily. We are really trying to get into territory that we are not comfortable in. If that makes sense..." Ali Hewson also shared some information on the record in an interview with The Guardian. "They're well down the road on the new album and it sounds good," Hewson said. "That's all I'm saying.


And that’s all we are saying too…..

U2 Insider "It sounds quite different"

U2 has been working on their new album and the record company claims 2013 *( oops they let that dog slip out) Anyway the boys have been working with a number of producers such as Danger Mouse, Will.I.AM which of course would lead us to believe that the boys will have a different sound. Gavin Friday said on an interview with RTE Radio One’s Weekend On One program this past weekend. “I’ve heard a bit of it… Its quite different.  Backing the claims that Bono said earlier

"We've had the best three weeks in the studio since 1979. I think they [the other band members] are very aware that U2 have to do something very special to have a reason to exist right now," he said.

U2's New Album 'Happening So Easily'

Bono has revealed that Danger Mouse has been working on U2’s new album, one of three currently in the pipeline.

As previously reported by Spinner, band manager Paul McGuinness believes the record, tentatively titled ‘Songs of Ascent,’ will hit the shelves early next year.

Now, in an interview with The Age, the outspoken frontman has filled in a few more gaps surrounding U2’s forthcoming release and their work with Danger Mouse. Bono said, “We have about 12 songs with him. At the moment that looks like the album we will put out next because it’s just happening so easily.”

The album most likely to follow ‘Songs of Ascent’ sees the band adopting a “club” style and features collaborations with Lady Gaga associate Red One, Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am and French DJ/producer David Guetta.

Bono explained the thinking behind the record. “U2’s remixes in the 1990s were a real treasure, so we wanted to make a club sounding record. We have a pile of songs.”

The third project is a concept album based on songs Bono and the Edge wrote for the new Spider-Man musical, due to open on Broadway next month. However the two still have to win over the other half of the band on the merits of the project, “We haven’t convinced the rest of the band to do that yet. Larry (drummer and founding member Larry Mullen, Jr.) definitely has a raised eyebrow” said Bono.