Fake Bono Twitter Account

A few weeks ago reports we heard some reports of a possible Bono twitter account. The news circled all of the fan sites and of course most of the subscribed to the possibility that Bono could in fact be on twitter with a public account.

Well U2 fans, not a chance ! Its a fake and not even close to anything that Bono would associate with. Sources confirmed late yesterday that the account which cause all of the twitter noise is in fact a fake. This one is pretty bold. Of course we already have a great twitter follower @fakebono which provides some interesting commentary from time to time.

This new account while interesting collection of "friends" really is not doing much.  Remember which Edge got on twitter? That account proved to be fun during the tour. Pretty sure once the tour gets closer we can expect to see from traffic from @Edge360. Meantime why not download our new app and follow us on twitter. We will keep you informed and blast those rumors away. Until next time @U2TOURFANS

Fake Bono On Video !

Jason Mattera


Jason Mattera, editor at large at Human Events, is famous for his hardball jouralism was caught with his pants down this time. The original Breitbart.com story has been removed and the Jason Mattera videos have now been moved to “private” on YouTube. There is widespread discussion on Twitter that the person Mattera interviewed in the videos may have been a Bono impersonator. May have ! Well any fool that was listening the the interview could have noticed the answers to the question.

Check out the conversation between Mattera and fake-Bono, which is quite funny in its proper context (i.e. Jason Mattera’s “basic shoeleather journalism” resulted in his ambushing the wrong guy):

Jason Mattera: By dodging taxes on royalties are you raiding the poverty programs you purport to champion?
“Bono”: No.
Jason Mattera: No? Don’t you want governments to be generous with other people’s money and not yours?
“Bono”: I don’t have control over that.
Jason Mattera: How do you not have control over that? It’s your company. Are you not in charge of your own company?
“Bono”: It’s not my company.
Jason Mattera: You have no say in what U2 does?
“Bono”: Not particularly.
Jason Mattera: You don’t? You don’t have a say in what U2 does?
“Bono”: No.

Pavel Sfera only impersonates Bono as far as appearance, and does not do interviews in-character. Jason Mattera acknowledged the error, saying that he “got punked”. That’s not entirely accurate, though, since Mattera himself initiated the interview. Sort of like when someone steals a bait car.

Well, now Bono knows that Jason Mattera is after him. Perhaps he’ll keep a few impersonators on hand in the future. Actually, this isn’t a bad way to deal with ambush journalism in general.

The ambush video has been set to private, but has re-emerged via other outlets. You can see the Jason Mattera video below

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Bono double offers to resume tour

NOT THE REAL BONOBono’s living breathing double Pavel Sfera (pictured above) has been so successful at it that he once duped the girlfriend of a Miami businessman who paid him $2,500 to have dinner with him and his girlfriend without ever telling her he wasn’t the real Bono.

Check out how much Sfera looks like the real thing at http://www.bonodouble.com/index1.html

The incident is revealed by author Mark Joseph on his site Bullypulpit.com

He says he first met Pavel Sfera, “when he spoofed an encounter between Bono and my artist, Molly Jenson when her debut album was released last year.. Pavel was so good that we had people coming up to us while we were shooting on a Beverly Hills sidewalk thinking he was the real deal.”

Sfera is now making an offer via Joseph to Bono and U2— to front for Bono while he is injured and have the U2 tour resume.

So the world’s foremost Bono-Double, is making an offer that the real Bono may just want to take him up on:

Since Bono is laid up he says he can make real money for the band.

Don’t think Bono and the boys will be much amused.