Fake Bono Twitter Account

A few weeks ago reports we heard some reports of a possible Bono twitter account. The news circled all of the fan sites and of course most of the subscribed to the possibility that Bono could in fact be on twitter with a public account.

Well U2 fans, not a chance ! Its a fake and not even close to anything that Bono would associate with. Sources confirmed late yesterday that the account which cause all of the twitter noise is in fact a fake. This one is pretty bold. Of course we already have a great twitter follower @fakebono which provides some interesting commentary from time to time.

This new account while interesting collection of "friends" really is not doing much.  Remember which Edge got on twitter? That account proved to be fun during the tour. Pretty sure once the tour gets closer we can expect to see from traffic from @Edge360. Meantime why not download our new app and follow us on twitter. We will keep you informed and blast those rumors away. Until next time @U2TOURFANS

U2 Residence Tour

U2 is about to embark on what will be deemed as the the residency tour of 2015. Looking at this up coming tour from the prospective of the band and crew this will turn out to be the best dam tour of them all.

Think about this the band rolls into a city and sets up the show for three to seven nights and boom they are locked in. The crew really does not have much to do but run the show nightly and of course maybe some promotional work during the day and that's about it. For the most part this is a dream tour for the crew.  The band well the older the band gets and lets remember Bono is not as young as he once was. 

This is the best of both worlds, they get to stay put for a few days, play the best of sets mix in some new stuff and basically have some fun with their audience. Its perfect until you look at the fans.  Yup those punters that expect that the management and touring company would offer pre-sales codes for every show. Those dedicated fans that as we speak having been saving their money to be able to afford one show.  Of course we know that some fans will try to attend every single night in a city however we ask, why ? Yes, why blend the experience of every night into that one single experience.

Fans blame the new management for lots of things. In the end fans need to take a step back and consider the fact that U2 might be at the end of their touring days. That Bono's number one wish has always go out with a BANG and not a whimper.  Sure its easy to blame management, because its hard to blame our super hero's for wanting to make a enjoyable experience for everyone. 

We invite you to start the conversation share your thoughts on the whole ticket process. God knows we have heard a hell of a lot about it.  Most of you are pretty upset that the band has not extended more pre-sales codes and the fact is that you can still sign up for membership to the fan club and get a new pre-sale code.  Heck we don't know if you will be able to use it on the next round of dates announced.  What are your thoughts ? 


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Still Hadn't Found What I Was Looking For

By: Karen Pittman

It was 1980 something and I had the flu and was home from school. I remember sitting on the couch and listening to the drama unfold on daytime soap operas that my mother watched religiously back then.

But, she decided it was time to get up and begin her motherly duties of cleaning and providing food for her family. As she went to the kitchen to begin cooking the evening meal (chicken and dumplings, as requested by me since I was feeling some relief from my flu symptoms) she said that I could, "watch what I wanted on the television." So like any kid from this time, it went straight to MTV (you know, when they played music and music related television shows. No 16 and pregnant would be seen this day).

Once on the channel I was greeted with Kurt Loder doing MTV news. I dont exactly remember what was happening that day in music news, but it was just a stopping point before they got back to playing the music videos that made MTV the thing to watch back then. Once the music began you would think from this story it would have been a U2 video, but no it was Whitney Houstons video for "So Emotional." I loved Whitney back then along with Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block (who I still love) and Journey (Steve Perry's Journey).

It wasnt until after Whitney got finished that I got my first taste of Bono and the boys, the voice and the melodic sounds of their most famous hit (in my eyes) "With ot Without You." I was blown away by the music, the look of the members and meaningful song that I was hearing. After that I had to wait (a while in most cases) in order to see or hear another song from this band.

Keep in mind back then (before the Earth's crust cooled), there was no Youtube, no iTunes and no internet to research information about the bands and music you heard. You just had television and radio and of course you could go down to the local store and buy the cassette (yep, thats right ladies and gentlemen.......cassette). Kids these days (including my 3 year old) will never know how much time was wasted by sitting and waiting in front of their radio in order to tape their favorite song on cassette. Now there is the internet and phones that give you instant access to any song, or video at anytime day or night.

Now, back to U2. What a rush I felt listening to this band I had never heard of prior to this day. I had to know more. I had to hear more. So, after begging and pleading with my mother the next time we visited the store...it happened. She bought me the Joshua Tree. Of course, I was prepared to listen to it as soon as we got back in the car, but the batteries in my walkman (yep..thats right a walkman, made by Sony) decided to die. What luck. So I had to wait until we arrived home before I got to listen to my brand new cassette. Of course, back then, my older brother and I shared an extra room in the basement where we could listen to music.
Complete with a "We Are the World" (original 1985 version, not the Haiti version) poster on the wall.

Once in my little section of the basement I switched the batteries and began the journey of The Joshua Tree and all its splender. I was mesmorized. I couldnt stop listening, and I didnt want to. From Streets, to In Gods Country I was hooked. I still had to know more so I went back time and time again to MTV to get a glimpse of them. Finally seeing the video for "Where the Streets have no Name" and "I Still havent found What I'm looking for." Then, I ended up seeing older videos like "New Years Day" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Thus began my mission to buy those albums on cassette as well. Since I was my moms favorite (and have remained her favorite even today) she would always buy them when she had the chance. Before I knew it, I had Boy, War, October and The Joshua Tree.

Then it was time for U2 to go away and, "Dream it all up again." After which time most of the cassette formats were switching the Cd's. Which meant I had to not only rebuy all my favorite albums on Cd, but I also had to buy a Cd player (thanks Santa ;-D).

My journey with U2 continues when Achtung Baby is released.........

Transformed for U2

It’s the biggest rig Lang Park has seen since Sam Backo.

But this monstrous structure will be well gone by the time the Broncos go around next year.

The centrepiece of U2 360° – the Irish supergroup’s current tour – started being assembled at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium yesterday but anyone could be forgiven for thinking a HG Wells novel had come to life.

The massive stage and “claw” supporting rig weighs about 590 tonnes and takes up almost half the stadium’s playing field.

The four-legged structure boasts 92 speakers as well a 22 metre, 5000 pixel full HD screen, which rises up and down from the height of 30 metres.

The structure takes five days to assemble - one day to lay down the stadium flooring, three days to build the stage and one day to attach the lighting and sound equipment.

Tour director Craig Evans said the size of the production dwarfed any project in which he had been involved.

“The original theory Bono had [of] a show ‘in the round’ the idea was to make it so big that it makes the stadium feel small and creates an intimate feeling in a stadium atmosphere,” he said.

“This show certainly succeeds in doing that. This stage does make the stadium feel small - it will create a feeling of intimacy with the band to the audience.”

With Brisbane suffering through a recent bout of wet weather, stage manager George Reeves said Bono would be pushing ahead with the Suncorp Stadium gigs in spite of any downpour.

“He loves singing in the rain, in fact he loves singing in the rain so much that he sings Singin’ in the Rain every time it rains so even if it’s raining everyone should be prepared to enjoy the show as well,” he said.

That is good news for the small group of U2 fans who began lining up outside Suncorp Stadium as early as Monday morning.

Sydney woman Katie Powell has been to every Australian U2 show since 1993.

She said the band’s recent Melbourne show was very involving and stacked up well against previous tours.

“You are just surrounded all around by it and you see them move around the stage,” she said.

“They don’t stick to one part, everyone in the stadium has a fair view of the show.”

U2 South American Rumor Translation

We have been watching all of the twitter news about the possible South American tour. Normally we do not engage in rumors. However we thought we owed it to our readers to translate the whole report from PABLO MÁRQUEZ / Desde Cannes. We have a spanish speaking staff and we reviewed the following and the translation can be found below.

Spanish Article full 

Mánager de U2: “Haremos lo posible por volver a Latinoamérica”

Paul McGuiness descartó que el 360° Tour pase por Chile en noviembre, pero deja abierta la opción para inicios del 2011. 

PABLO MÁRQUEZ / Desde Cannes

Como un visitante más de Midem, la feria de la industria musical mundial que se desarrolla por estos días en Cannes, Francia, se pasea por los pasillos el calvo y bonachón Paul McGuinness, el primer y único mánager que ha tenido U2 a lo largo de sus más de tres décadas de trayectoria.

Dave Long/U2TOURFANS 2009

Para muchos, este irlandés de sonrisa fácil es el gran responsable de convertir a un grupo de cuatro amigos de Dublín en la banda más grande del mundo. Y, por lo mismo, siempre interesado en saber lo que se está pensando en el ahora alicaído negocio de la música popular, McGuinness levanta la mano a la hora de hacer preguntas a los paneles de expertos que aquí discuten sobre lo que viene.

“Nosotros, con U2, estamos en el negocio de la música en vivo. Comenzamos muy tímidamente y nos hemos convertido en la banda en directo más importante del mundo, quizás en la más importante de la historia de la música popular. Con este tour haremos, por lo menos, 90 conciertos. Ya hicimos unos 45 el año pasado y creemos que podremos hacer otros 45 durante el 2010. En total, vamos a tocar frente a unas 6 millones de personas en todos los países que visitemos”, explica.

-En un momento se dijo que U2 volvería por tercera vez a Chile en noviembre de este año.

“Lo más probable es que no vayamos este año a Latinoamérica, lo siento. Tal vez volvamos a principios del año que viene, pero eso aún tenemos que definirlo. Y la razón es que este show, el 360º Tour, es uno de los más grandes que puedas imaginar. Son en total tres escenarios, que tienen que viajar en barco dentro de unos 200 containers. Calculamos que, al día, el costo de cada show es de unos 3 millones de dólares. Pero haremos lo posible por volver a Latinoamérica, por supuesto”.

-Al definirse como banda en vivo, ¿se preocupan de los tiempos de crisis que se viven por estos días?

“Con el tiempo, U2 se ha convertido en una banda en vivo, pero eso no significa que no tengamos respeto por los discos. De hecho, para la grabación del último hicimos un gran esfuerzo para su factura y por eso nos preocupamos de cada detalle en su presentación en vivo. Desde que comenzamos la gira, además, nos hemos preocupado porque el precio de los tickets no sea tan elevado”.

-La banda ha hecho acuerdos con telefónicas y otros formatos para vender su música, ¿creen que el futuro es también digital para U2?

Dave Long/U2TOURFANS 2009“Claramente, la música está orientándose hacia el mercado digital, hacia las descargas y todo tipo de consumo electrónico, pero creo que las compañías proveedoras de servicios de internet aún no se están preocupando de invertir y desarrollar nuevas plataformas que beneficien a los músicos en general. Creo que, efectivamente, las cosas están cambiando, pero tomará algo de tiempo para que todo se normalice”.

-Se dice que U2 ya trabaja en el sucesor de “No line on the horizon”.
“Retomaremos la gira en junio próximo, en California, y claro que los chicos han estado componiendo canciones. Lo más probable es que saquen un nuevo álbum después de la gira, pero la verdad es que no lo sé con certeza”. (El Mercurio)

English Translation - U2TOURFANS STAFF

Dave Long/U2TOURFANS 2009Manager of U2: “We will make possible to Latin America” Paul McGuiness discarded the 360 ° Tour pass by Chile in November, but leaves open the option for early 2011.

PABLO MÁRQUEZ / from Cannes as a visitor of MIDEM, the exhibition in the global music industry that develops these days in Cannes, France, strolling through the corridors bald and bonachón Paul McGuinness, the first and only Manager which had U2 in his more than three decades of trajectory.

For many, this easy smile Irish is great responsible for a group of four friends from Dublin become the world’s largest band. And, therefore, always interested in knowing what you are thinking of now roiled the popular music business, McGuinness raises her hand to ask questions to panels of experts that discussed here on what comes. 

“We, with U2, are in the live music business.” We started very timidly and we have become the most important live band in the world, perhaps the most important in the history of popular music. With this tour we’ll, at least 90 concerts. We did some 45 last year and we believe that we can do other 45 during 2010. “In total, let’s play vs. some 6 million people in all countries visit”, explains.  -At a time it was said that U2 would return for the third time to Chile in November this year. 

“It is likely that we will not this year to Latin America, sorry.” Perhaps back at the beginning of the year that is coming, but that we still have to define it. And the reason is that this show, the 360 ° Tour, is one of the largest can imagine.

They are three scenarios, who have to travel by boat of about 200 containers in total. We estimate that, per day, the cost of each show is about 3 million dollars. But we do our best to return to Latin America, of course.  -To define as live band, what concern in times of crisis living these days?  “Eventually, U2 has become a live band, but that doesn’t mean that we do not have respect for disks.” In fact, for the recording of the last did a lot for your Bill and why we care of every detail in his presentation live.

“Since we started the tour, moreover, we have concerned because the price of tickets is not so high”.  -The band has made agreements with telephone and other formats to sell their music, do you believe that the future is also digital for U2?  “Clearly, music is geared towards the digital market towards downloads and all kinds of consumer electronics, but I think that companies internet service providers still not be are concerned invest and develop new platforms that benefit musicians in general.”

I think that, indeed, things are changing, but will take some time to make everything normalize.  -It is said that U2 is already working on the successor of “No line on the horizon”.  “We shall return to the tour in June, in California, and of course the guys have been composing songs.” “It is likely to draw a new album from the tour, but the truth is I do not know with certainty”.